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Hi, sorry if this has been asked, I did check and can’t find any info.
I’m helping a friend who has just installed the latest version and I they want to put a custom field on their invoice for bank account details etc. when I go to settings, custom fields there are no boxes for the single line, paragraph etc, I also looked in defaults and I can’t do it there either. Am I missing something?
Thanks for your help.

Refer to the Guide in case you haven’t already reviewed it - Manager Cloud

You can place this information in the Business identifier field under Business Details in the Settings tab. Remember that the field will accept simple HTML code, so you can add more than just a single ID number. See Manager Cloud.

Custom fields must be created for the form on which they will appear. The selection of text options only appears after you have selected a text-type designation.

Thanks, yes I’ve read the guides and when I try to create one it only has the label and position box, no box for or size Box.

Are you using the “Sales Invoice - Line” custom field? You need to use the “Sales Invoice” custom field.

Yes that’s the one I’m trying. On my own manager it is fine but not on hers.

Not the Sales Invoice - line item field, just the Sales Invoice field. I didn’t phrase my last post very well.

Yes I go to settings, custom fields, then sales invoice new custom field and all that is there is the box for label and position. On my Manager I then have boxes for Type and Size. Not on hers.

When you do as you described, @Janine, you should see this screen by default:


If this is not what your friend is seeing, what version is she actually on? Don’t rely on her claim to have installed the latest. Where did she actually get it, and what version is listed at the bottom right corner of any screen?

Thanks, I will have to check with her, I am fairly confident she got it from the Manager website only about a week ago. I will come back when I’ve checked, probably a couple of days. Thanks very much.

It might be a good idea to have her update regardless. There have been about 20 new releases in the past week or so. None of them prompted release notes, so there may have been small glitches associated with new features that got fixed quickly, but not announced.

This set up has worked for me:

Thanks will do.