Custom field to custom field

Hi @lubos, I have created exactly the same custom field in sales orders and sales invoices. When I copy a sales order to a sales invoice, this custom field is copied to the sales invoice’s custom field. Is this behavior intended and will it remain so in the future?

Yes this behavior is intended.

If you do not wish that to happen, rename the custom field to be different. Even a minor difference in label should be enough.

I do want this to work that way. But I don’t want, when Manager updates, my custom fields stop working, or worse. Hence my question.

This has been there for a long time now and the likelihood of it being removed is practically next to zero.

Ah, then as @Abeiku mentioned it is intended behaviour. It’s not an accidental “feature” or bug that will disappear. You should be able to rely on it continuing to behave in this way :slight_smile:

To further assure you that this is accurate, note that the feature is documented in the guides:

When both original and destination forms include custom fields with identical labels, content of original custom fields will copy to the destination custom fields, overriding any default content for the destination form set under Form Defaults. However, if an original custom field is empty, default destination content will be used.

Source: Use the Copy to function | Manager

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Missed that document, thanks for telling :+1:

Yes since it is an intended and very useful function shall it not change when updates happen.
I have started using the feature from today
Thanks a lot