Custom field on customer record not showing in merge

How can we use merge fields to create responses to customers following payment - we are a NFP Society, and would like to send our members a letter or email acknowledging their payment plus other messages.
Help would be very much appreciated - I obviously have a limited understanding of coding etc.

Manager does not have merge functionality.
When setting up custom fields ensure that the “Show custom field on printed documents” box is checked.

Also, new footer functionality has just been implemented which may be able to achieve your request.

I think this is about mail merge using email templates or merging data as in custom themes and not
about custom fields. The problem is that at the moment you could learn how to do this searching the guides and forum but we also know that there are massive changes going on so working with custom themes would not make much sense. However @Outback246 could search for email templates to do some basic mailing.

That is why I mentioned the new footer functionality as this is the first step to reducing reliance on custom themes and would be suitable for including messages on documents such as receipts.

Sorry but footers are about static content see Append static content to views using "Footers" and your reply is right that these would not deal with dynamic content. However, email templates and custom themes (as do custom reports) allow for dynamic content.

Footers will soon support dynamic content too (and without programming or liquid markup)


Sorry @Lubos, that is good news but in the absence the reality is that it is not yet possible.