Custom Field Dropdown Lists

Please can the above lists created become sorted alphabetically or according to frequency of use. I appreciate that this request is trivial compared to other suggestions.

The options appear in the order you specify when you create the custom field

This order can be modifed at will using the arrows to move the values up and down the list


That applies to Multiple Value Custom Fields and not the Classic.

Classic custom fields will soon be removed. You won’t see options being added that are available elsewhere.

Ranking algorithms may seem deceivingly trivial but they can eat up a lot of resources.

Fair enough. Thanks.

Tut, will we still have access to our Classic Custom Fields, or do we need to move them all to the new options? Thanks

You will have access as obsolete features until you don’t. The developer has warned that is coming. If you are lucky, classic fields will be converted to the new style. But if I were you, I’d start moving in that direction to avoid surprises.

When classic custom fields are removed, they will be automatically converted to new custom fields. There won’t be any data loss.

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Ok, thanks