Reports utilizing data from custom fields

Would you consider adding a couple of Drop Down Menu options to [Custom Fields ] that can be selected to show up on Quote? and both Near the top?

  • Drop Down Menu from the Employee List (Rep Initials would be fine)

  • Drop Down Menu (To include 4 to 6 Searchable and Editable Items, capable of being Searched for more than one item)

  • My next request would be the ability to set up Multiple Memorized Reports, that would search these Fields.

This is no doubt is a tall order, but If you need me to explain what purpose this would serve, I could email you something that would explain it. I’m sure you’ll like it’s usefulness.

This is beyond what can be done now. I’m planning to release “report writer” which will allow to create custom reports. These custom reports will be able to work with custom fields too. There is no point implementing dropdown custom fields if you can’t get report. So report will come first, only then improvements to custom fields can be made.


This would be great Lubos! Thanks a lot!

Any idea when this will be available?

The work is progressing. You can already see Custom reports under Reports tab which allows to write SQL queries against data in Manager. I’m currently testing this feature with a few users and working on documentation. So this will be available not too long from now.

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