Custom filed dropdown list no longer expandable + positioning

I have a custom field dropdown list in billable time showing a long list of options. I’m pretty sure I used to be able to expand the dropdown list box when trying to select an option, in order to widen the box and see all the options clearly, as one can when creating the custom field itself. Now all my users are seeing in billable time when trying to select from the dropdown list is a very narrow box and the only way to see all the options to select from is by using the little scroll bar under the box, which is very time consuming.

Please see the attached screenshots showing the little hashed lines in the bottom right corner when you’re creating the custom field and the other screenshot showing the tiny box with the scroll bar as it shows in billable time. I have tried selecting small, medium, or large as the size, in the hope that it would make the dropdown list box bigger, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference either way.

I’m also wondering how to easily position new custom fields or update current positions, now that you can no longer look at all the custom fields in a particular form at once. You can search for the placement and see all the custom fields in a form that way and it does list them by ascending position no., but you can’t see the position no. without going into each custom field. Ideally, you would be able to drag and drop the rows of custom fields in a form / placement list, just as you do with rows on an invoice, in order to position them wherever you like, which would be even better than position no.s Thanks

In my opinion, this is another illustration of the disadvantages of splitting customer fields by type in the Settings tab. I argued against the split as soon as it was announced. I have yet to see any benefit of it.


I feel I’ve lost all perspective on what custom fields I have in which forms now, so the new format will definitely take some getting used to.

Expanding issue will be fixed in the next version.

Because custom fields can be now shared by multiple forms, the ordering of custom fields would need to be done for each placement (e.g. on one form you want the custom field shown first and the same custom field to be shown as last elsewhere). I’m not yet sure how to implement this concept.

This is why reordering custom fields on Custom Fields screen is no longer viable solution.


Noted re expansion issue, thanks. When do you think the next version will be released?

Re the ordering / positioning of the custom fields, ok, I understand the issue now. I hadn’t realised that you could add the same custom field to multiple forms at once. The problem is you can only add the same custom field to different forms at the same time if you have the custom field in the same position in all the forms. As soon as you need to have the same custom field in different positions you lose the benefit of being able to add a custom field to multiple forms at once.

I don’t know if it’s possible, but couldn’t you have a list of forms to select from in the custom fields setting form and a position box by each one? It may be too cumbersome, but it’s the only idea that springs to mind at the moment.