Custom Field DATA to carry over

Is there currently an option to have Data in Custom Fields to carry over from a Quote to the Sales Invoice that was created from that quote? Also the same option on Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice?


I think this is an interesting idea to explore. How would this work? If custom field is named the same on both documents, the value should be copied over?


Yes that’s right.

The Description Field does that already; however, Fields that prompts for specific data, such as Serial Number, etc: would be linked together from Quote to Invoice for good History Reference,

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Sorry to drag up an old thread, but its exactly my question !

Was it ever look at or resolved, as I have this issue where I have a custom field on my quotes which details the scope of services but this does not get transposed to the invoice.


Custom fields do not carry over.

Does this apply to creating a sales invoice from billable time or billable expenses? Should the default contents of a sales invoice custom fields show in the newly created sales invoice?

Much about custom fields has changed since the previous posts in this thread.

Custom fields are unique to the form for which they were created. However, as a result of recent updates, contents of custom fields will copy from one form to another if both forms have custom fields with identical labels. An example is copying a sales order to a sales invoice.

However, when you create a sales invoice from uninvoiced billable time and expenses, you are not copying a form. So custom fields do not carry forward. This makes sense, if you think about it, because custom fields for billable time apply to what will become a line item, not at the form level. And there are no custom fields for billable expenses, because these are entries that were extracted from previous payments, purchase invoices, or expense claims. (Billable expenses are not entered under their own tab.)

As for default contents, those do not show. I believe they should and will write up a bug report.