Custom Domain/ White Labeling


I have a requirement put up by a potential customer to put a custom domain on the url. I understand from the following thread (From the thread Custom domain) that this my be possible.
Can you please tell me more on this topic as to what would be required from your side in order to whitelable


It was explained by @lubos at Custom domain - #2 by lubos that this is not possible unless you use reverse proxy but you could also use the less pervasive ???

… if your login URL is then will work too…

Truth of the matter is that I do not think one should pass on an application as made by your own company and just do the reverse and explain that you are part of a global well known application that you are providing support to your customer for. It is unethical in my view to hide the intellectual property. Especially in accounting, trust and transparency, are key to successful business development and investment.

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Thank you for the explanation. I will let my client know the possibilities.