still show in web browser

I just linked my domain to the link and i still have the brand still showing in the web search box. Kindly show me how to get rid of the brand in the search in order for my clients not to see.

Can you explain further for clarity on the help you want? I assume you are using the cloud or server version of and you want to customize it to reflect as your own to your clients.

[17.9.63] Cloud edition now supports custom domains
Kindly refere to the above topic by @lubos

Don’t rely on a 5-year old topic about a version obsolete by thousands of updates. If I recall, there was a discussion about this within the past few months.

Are you able to point me to the latest topic or update concerning this topic? I will appreciate that. Otherwise thats only one i could find on the forum. You might also want to delete if its not useful. Not my fault its still here to give reference to.

I guess you are referring to this topic years back:

@lubos can assist you with this issue. But in the meantime, I suggest you go through that old topic and try and follow all the steps for custom domain mapping to the in the cloud edition.

Yes please @
lubos kindly assist

A forum search sorted by date lists recent discussions on the topic which I believe covers your problem. Please take a look at Search results for 'Custom domain order:latest' - Manager Forum

Please read post 34 by @Lubos at the forum thread provided by @Daniel_Arthur, which states:

Jun '21

@mdarh411 there is no longer support for custom domains. You can use white-label domain called so instead of you can use instead.

Eventually custom domains will return.

Thanks for your help.

@lubos I’m struggling to find the guide for the white-label Kindly advise. Thanks

@SYDNEYANTHONYCON are you looking for this? Cloud Edition | Manager

See the paragraph near the bottom of the page re White Label & Custom Domains

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