About server edition

The white label feature to change the URL to your domain seemed to have been discontinued in manager (I hope am wrong). Because of this I want to try the server edition but there is not enough documentation on it. I would like to do it in a vps but, honestly, I am not comfortable except I can get a reliable service that can manage it. So is it possible to get some dedicated service from the software owner to manage the server ? Or can he introduce me to a host that has reliable facilities? Or is there any way way of getting the custom URL in the form of my domain?

For cloud edition, there is white-label domain name .accounting.link instead of .manager.io

That works out of the box.

For truly custom domains, there are services such as https://www.easyredir.com which can take your custom domain and maintain the redirection of traffic. Something similar can be set up using AWS as well using load balancers.

But the url always default to .manager.io or something inbetween as in https://abanye.us-east-1.manager.io/. How do I set up the .accounting.link?
Let me explore this to see if it would do for me.

You can use https://abenye.manager.io and https://abenye.accounting.link interchangeably. There is nothing to set up.

This is fine. Thanks.

Kindly assist. Where do i go for me to use the white lable domain accounting.link

Please note that the title of this topic is misleading as the content is about the Cloud server with a white-label domain in this case the https://YOURACCOUNT.accounting.link . All is explained in this discussion, there is nothing for you to do except change the “.manager.io” part to ".accouting.link if you use the Cloud edition. Server Edition can have any of your own domains and Desktop Edition does not require domain names at all.