URL customisation

I wanted to find out if i can customize the entire URL to reflect my company? especially the manager.io . i have managed the front of the url but not the manager part

Welcome to the forum. As a new user it’s recommended that you start by reading the FAQ and the Guides. In this case read the following part of the FAQ: How Can I Change My Domain Name?

I have read that and it hasn’t still addressed my concern

the suffix manager.io is not changeable


@Suwilanji_Mwelwa, you may try this way;

First you would have already found out that instead of “xxxx.manager.io” you can use “xxx.accounting.link”, where no one will see the branding of Manager.

Second if you have a domain your own, go to DNS setting of it and;
use DNS redirect / Domain forwarding feature with “masked”(the proper way for it, you have to find out from your domain provider)
You redirect/forward(masked) yourdomain.com" to “xxx.accounting.link”,
so you or your users will type only your domain and it will be redirected to manager login page but you will only see your domain on your browser’s address bar.
(if you right click any of the link inside manager program and open it in new browser, your masking will be removed and you will see “xxx.accounting.link”

Quite helpful. Thanks for more further guidance