Custom domain

I am testing out the software and trying to use custom domain, followed all the published steps and created the needed CNAME in my end but it is not working.
Is this feature only with paid plans or can be used in trial cloud account?

Is this for cloud edition? Currently, cloud edition does not support custom domains out of the box.

It is possible to set up reverse proxy but you need to know what you are doing. For the meantime, we offer white-label domain It means, if your login URL is then will work too. This way you can get cloud edition without any branding.


thought custom domain is still working, whitelabel domain will do the work.

Please as @Lubos asks explain if you use the Cloud edition (paid subscription hosted by Manager) or Server edition (paid but hosted by yourself). The Server edition obviously allows you to use your own domain as it is your own webserver (VPS or Dedicated, will not work on CPanel and other Hosted Servers).

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Thanks eko

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When will support for custom domain be available?