Feature request-Option to create new invoice from the customer screen


I am evaluating this application for using for my business and found all required functionality is availalbe.

I have one suggestions.

For creating an invoice to a new customer, we need to create customer first.
Then go to another screen to create invoice.
Is it possible to add an option to start new invoice from the customer screen itself?
So we can select existing customer or add new customer and start creating new invoice from the same screen?
Alternately, option to add new customer in the invoice screen also fine.
Please evaluate.

Bet regards


As per me its not required… Because after adding Customer, if you want to generate the Invoice or Sales quote/proforma invoice… then you just need to click only one time… as per your required tab.
So its not helping to sort any function path.


In the Customers tab, click on the blue number beside a customer’s name under the Invoices heading. You will see a list of that customer’s invoices and a New Sales Invoice button. Click the button and a new invoice with the customer’s information already filled in will appear.


Thank you very much for guiding.
This is the function exactly I was looking for.