Create PDF button missing from reports

I have several companies set up in Manager. The ones that were set up recently, are missing the PDF button on all reports. Companies that were set up some time ago, have the PDF button on all reports. See screenshot below of the balance sheet report (but it’s the same for all reports):
Screenshot 2022-02-11 173820
Please help or if it’s a bug, I hope you can fix it easily.
I am using version 22.1.28

That’s not a bug. It’s just that the feature is not supported anymore.

Luckily, you can still enable the PDF button by going to: Settings > Legacy Features

Thank you! It’s a really nice and useful feature however, which I use daily, and I hope you reconsider your decision to deprecate it. At the very least, please leave it as a legacy feature permanently.

pls help to find legacy feature in setting tabs

@Ealfardan already answered your question: Click on Settings then Click on Legacy Features and create the setting and click update as per below screenshot.

Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 07.25.29