PDF Printing Button Missing


I am using 2 Manager.io clouds.
One cloud has the pdf print, the other one does not have.
May i know why? is there any setting that i need to set to make the button appear?

thank you


On the Desktop it’s Settings → Obsolete Features → Internal PDF Generator …

Because browsers have their own PDF generator via the Print button, it’s not likely the internal PDF generator will be around forever.

Hi Pau

Do you mean from my computer desktop?

@Pau means in Manager Settings Page within each business in the latest version there is a button called Obsolete Features (some versions earlier called Legacy Features) that when you click it will show a button called PDF generator, you need to click it an enable it for the business that does not show it.

The warning is correct in that the PDF generator can be used on own risk and is no longer updated nor supported. Search the forum as there have been numerous discussions about this. The Print-to is favoured by the Developer.

Apologies that I wasn’t clear in my reply. eko is correct.

The internal pdf generator is most valuable when emailing payslips or invoices as the alternative is emailing a link to your Manager instance requiring it to be internet exposed

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There is also the alternative to print-to-pdf and then email it using your regular email application.

It seems you haven’t restarted the cloud instances for quite a while.

will my data be ok there? i am worry that my data will disappear.

No, data is in a different folder. But I hope you make backups regularly?

Dear Mark

Well noted thank you.
Btw i have restarted the cloud. Unfortunately the button still does not appear. any other thing i need to do?



Yes, you could have searched the forum. :wink: Then you would have found out that the PDF button is no longer actively supported but still available under Settings > Obsolete features.


I explained in my post that you need to open Manager then select a Business then click on Settings then click on Obsolete Features (see @Mark screenshot) then click on Internal PDF generator then enable the PDF generator.

Do this for as many business as you like. The PDF button will appear as before.

I c, got it. thank you