Pdf button is gone

Hi Guys

i have the cloud version of Manager and I currently have 3 businesses registered on it.
i see that my PDF button has gone missing on the one company and I don’t know why?

Can you please advise how to fix this problem
Regards Marco

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settings > LegacyFeatures
activate: Internal PDF Generator

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Support For Internal PDF Button is discontinued By @lubos
So @Marco_Reinke1 I Would Like To Advise You to Not to use Internal PDF generator But Use The PDF generator Provided By Your Operating System To make PDF’s of Various Invoices & reports.
Maybe Internal PDF Generator Would be Permanently removed From manager in near Future.

Can you guide how to use it… because without Internal PDF generator I am not able to generate PDF directly. So please guide.

Just use the Print button. Then choose either Print to PDF (or equivalent on your operating system) or a 3rd party PDF “printer.” This has been discussed about a dozen times in the forum.

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If that is what you want to do then