Crash when printing (saving) to PDF v23.4.1.749

Using v23.4.1.749, today I created a receipt and printed (saved)
to PDF. The PDF saved correctly but Manager then crashed.

I had earlier updated to Ventura 13.1.1 (which required a reboot) so they may be related.

Anyone else seeing this?

If you saved to PDF using Print , then this is a problem of your operating system

It is not allowed to include PDF as they may pose a security risk to unsuspecting users

@Orarian, your link to a PDF was removed.

I did not know about attaching PDFs in a post. My apologies to the forum.

The crash followed printing a receipt using the Manager Print button, which opens the MacOS print dialogue, I selected Save to PDF, which is managed by the system, not Manager and this has worked flawlessly for some time. The PDF was created but a second later Manager crashed.

It happened twice but I’ve used it several times since with no crash. It may have been related to doing an update to Ventura or some other system variable.