Could you please explain why the tax code appears as per picture attached,

please provide more details to understand the issue.
Manager version?
Manager edition?
OS details.
also post screenshot of the edit screen for the tax code selected.

If tax code no longer exists, then Manager will show its GUID key to indicate there was something selected before. But it has the same effect as not having any tax code selected at all.

I have not changed tax codes since inception of my accounts. This is the first time I have encountered this error. How would i be able to trace which transactions have been affected. I cant think of why a tax code will not exist.

check the History to find any unintentional deletion of tax codes and Undo them. this would fix all the associated transactions.

Version 21.11.68
Windows 10

I cant find the history tab, and when i go to customize, that tab does not exist on the list for me to add. Maybe i am at the incorrect place.

History is beside the Backup button on top right corner.

Did you change localization, i.e. in Settings → Business Details select South Africa? I noticed that SA localization does not have any Tax codes settings and there is thus no longer a reference to the tax codes you had entered before (check if these are now “empty”).

Seems to be no errors here

Show screenshots please of tax codes.

Did you batch update or create that invoice?

hi, I have been through all of my history and cannot find a change in tax codes. I have done some further investigation and it seems that all my latest transactions under office expenses seems to be affected. Both purchase invoices and payments. i have resorted to changing them manually.

any other suggestions welcome

it is difficult to understand the issue remotely without all details.
you never mentioned which tax code you had initially selected on the invoice.
also, you did not say if any of your tax codes are missing from the tax codes list under Settings.
I had also requested you to post the edit screen of the tax code you selected on the invoice which you did not provide either. you only showed the tax codes list.

have you selected a country in your Business Details?
if yes, then under SettingsReport Transformations delete any reports you find. I am not sure if this would work but no harm in trying.

A tax code has been deleted when transactions using it were still present in the Manager business.

I’m not sure this is suppose to be possible. I suspect the edge cases would be

  • Localisation changes
  • Batch operations

We only use the tax code 15% which i had initially selected. its all saved correctly but when I wanted to check payments against bank statements today, i realized the tax codes had changed to “gibberish”.

Under settings, no tax codes have been added or deleted.
I believe i am posting the screen as requested but should that not be correct please let me know.

No country has been selected on my business details.

HI patch, we dont do batch transactions and have not changes any codes since inception

Please show screenshot under Setings of the Tax Codes.

Please see above, i have posted a screen shot

Not of Settings → Tax Codes see screenshots below:

Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 14.40.01