Suggestion - Best use case for Folders tab and Image custom field

Dear all,

Best use case for Folders tab and Image custom field.

I have tested this in my Server Edition (18.1.6). Try this solutions after taking backup or create a new dummy business account file in and try this

Generally we use or or similar services to upload our image and get link and use it Notes field or custom field in

Instead of using or or similar services we can our own servers to give us the image source link.

Step 1: Goto Settings> Custom field> Inventory Items> Create new custom field> Give Label as Image > mark both options show custom field as column and show on printed documents.
Select Type as Image > now select create.

Now in Inventory items you find a new column as Image

Step 2: Goto folders Tab > Create a new folder > Give name ( Example: Inventory Pictures)

Step 3: In your PC, keep all inventory related picture with proper names as you like so you can identify them easily.

Step 4: Upload all these inventory pics to Folder you created in step 1 in .

Step 5: After uploading attachments you can see the files on it. Click a picture which you want to get link

Now you can see the Image

Step 6: Now Right Click on the image and select open Image in new tab

Now the new tab opens with full link which shows your server IP information as well. This link is the path to image source

Step 7: Now goto inventory items > edit any existing item > you will find your custom field Images which we created in step 1 > copy below code by replacing with the path to image source link which you got in step 6

<img src="" style="float: right">

Now update it.

Now you will see the image is taken from your server instead of using other services.

You can use batch update also.

Take back up and try this. im not responsible for any kind of loss.