Insert Image failed


Previously I inserted the script for as part of a digital company stamp, and all the PDF I’ve created, the image shows up fine.

But with the recent updates, the place where the stamp is located now shows “The ‘file’ scheme is not supported.”

I’ve checked the location where the image is located, it’s there, but the script is not pulling the image into the PDF.

Does anyone have idea how to overcome this?

post screenshots to understand your problem better.
what script are you talking about? javascript? liquid code?
post the necessary details like Manager version, edition, OS details.

Hi @sharpdrivetek,

Previously when using that as part of script to auto insert the image into the final quotation, PO, invoice, etc


Which will end up like the below


But now it show as below


Please kindly advise on what else I can look into to resolve this?

Thanks in advance

And the final PDF will have the following error message in RED


Any ideas?

While some users have reported success on some operating systems, Manager is not designed to support images on local drives. (That is why @sharpdrivetek asked about your operating system, which you did not answer. The images should be at an internet-accessible URL, as described in the Guide: Add an image to a custom field | Manager.

Hi @tut and @sharpdrivetek,

I’m using the following

Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎2021-‎05-‎27
OS build 19044.1348
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0

Manager v21.11.47

The image was working previously but now it’s not, so I’m just wondering what have changed? Could there be some plug-in I need to install?

Thanks in advanced.

@wpliaw try below.

@wpliaw, whether it might have worked before or not, the point is that same-machine storage of images is not an intended design feature of Manager. So when the program changes, that is not something that would be of concern to the developer. This is one of the realities of software that runs on multiple platforms—not just software with different versions for different platforms, but the same software.