Copy to function in receipts and payments

Just installed MSI 21.5.44 and notice that the copy to function seems to be wrong - in Payments Copy to give option of Copy to Receipt - I would prefer to copy a payment to a payment.


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Use Clone to copy a payment to a new payment

Sorry, but that’s not an answer. I read the email advising of the new changes to clone and copy. Copy changes the date to current wheras clone does not, while both increase the sequence number.

The email did not say copy to would change a receipt to a payment and vice versa, although that facility is implemented as well.

What is missing here is the copy from receipt to receipt and copy payment to payment.

I have been using clone for ages, so I’m not distressed about copy being incomplete.

Clone = Exact Copy while Copy To indeed updates the date to today. Clone can easily be updated by clicking the date and select today’s date. However, not sure why an exact copy would be needed if the copy to would include copy to receipt as in all cases when I was cloning a payment and receipt I hade to change the date. So I would support the idea to elminate in both payment and receipts the Clone button and change the Copy to function to select either receipt or payment.

Then you may have noticed that the newsletter addressed only the feature added during May, that is, the standardization of copy functionality between sales- and purchase-related transaction forms. It did not mention receipts or payments, because that functionality was not added until June 1.

And, for the record, there were no changes to cloning.

I am talking about the June 1st update, not the May update.

My point is, a payment can only be copied to a new receipt, and a receipt can only be copied to a new payment.

Surely this is absurd.

Read this thread and you will see why it makes sense.

I didn’t say converting a receipt to a payment is a nonsense - the nonsense is being able to do that but NOT being able to copy a receipt to a receipt. And yes, I know clone and use it. But copy saves the hassle of changing the date, which is not a big deal.

It is not clear what you are referring to. There was no “May” update to Manager. There were well over 100 updates during May, one of which (v21.5.36) standardized the Copy to function for sales- and purchase-related transactions, but not receipts and payments. That is what was covered in the recent newsletter. The Copy to function was added to receipts and payments in June, and was not addressed in the newsletter.


I think I see what you mean. The Copy to in sales invoices and purchase invoices gives you three options, two of which would seem applicable to receipts and payments. However, the Copy to in receipts and payments gives you only one option.

What I would guess is that @lubos included a partial implementation of Copy to for receipts and payments in the latest release. And I am glad not to wait any longer to get the ‘Copy to’ option that copies a receipt to a payment and vice versa.

I agree with you that a full implementation of Copy to would include both options for making a receipt or payment from a receipt (or payment). I agree with @lubos’s apparent calculation that the Copy to option he implemented is the more urgent of the two. Because in the meantime we can use Clone as a close substitute for for making a receipt from a receipt and making a payment from a payment.

@lubos might have the rest of Copy to on his list of features to implement. I’m sure your input together with the input of others helps @lubos see what is important to users.

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It seems to have been fixed in accordance with my observbation.