Convert a Payment to a Receipt and Vice Versa

We used to have this feature. The programming improved the database design by changing from payments and receipts being in the same table to payments in one table and receipts in another table. This meant that the code to convert receipts and payments to each other had to go away.

However, I hope @lubos will consider reimplementing. The conversion need would be fulfilled even if some data is lost in the conversion due to some columns not having a corresponding column in the other table.

Some uses of this feature:

  1. A user starts entering a payment and has everything filled out, then realizes he/she is filling out a receipt. Instead of starting over, the user clicks “change to payment” and then “create.”

  2. A user is reconciling. The user discovers that the mistake is that a receipt was entered as a payment. The user clicks “edit,” then “change to receipt.”

  3. A business purchases, then later returns for a full refund. To record the refund, the user clones the purchase, adds “Returned” to the comment, then clicks “change to receipt.”

Maybe this feature is already on the to-do list?

Anybody else see this as a beneficial productivity feature?

I think this should be simply solved by adding Copy to... function to payments and receipts.


Copying one to the other would leave you with both, cancelling each other.

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That’s correct. If you truly meant to enter payment instead of receipt then it’s two steps.

  1. Copy receipt to payment
  2. Delete receipt

But if you are just reversing transaction (e.g. cash refund from cash sale) then it’s just step 1.

I want to see if the problem can be solved by leveraging existing concepts which already work in other tabs before introducing something completely new.


I think “Copy to . . .” would work fine. Maybe it would work better for the user than a “Convert.” “Copy to . . .” strikes me as being more flexible than “Convert.” “Copy to . . .” is like cloning from a payment to a receipt or vice versa. So, it is conceptually elegant.

I like your solution, @lubos.


I would love to see the “Convert to” button. We have quite a bit of Receipts that need to be changed to Payments.
(sloppy bookkeeping but now we have the problem)

A batch update might work

i m unable to find copy to button, would you please help me showing by image/screenshot

@Zuhaib_Ji, the developer wrote, “…this should be simply solved…”. He did not say that feature had been implemented yet. It has not. Two posts later, he gave clear instructions on how to accomplish the change.



I think @lubos is talking about implementing a “Copy to” for receipts and payments that would operate similar to the “Copy to” for invoices.

Here is an example sales invoice:

When you click on “Copy to” you see these choices:

So, you see that you can copy a sales invoice to make a new sales invoice or a purchase invoice. I like that the design for payments and receipts “Copy to” will follow the same kind of idea as the sales and purchases invoice “Copy to.”

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Copy to button to payment and receipt screens added in the latest version (21.5.44)


Thank you @lubos.

I looked at Copy to for payments and receipts. I like it.

Thank you!

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This feature is not added , please add this feature ,

which version you are using?

Yes, it is:

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 6.28.54 AM

How about add this functionality also to clone to interaccount transfer?

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The feature , you mentioned ,doesn’t replicate all values ,
but before that there was a feature in which from options , we could select receipt and payment . if ,by mistake , we selected receipt instead of payment , from options we could change it ,and we had not to fill the values again.
please restore that feature


Using - I have just run into the same problem. I entered, by mistake, 40 receipts when they should have been payments.
There used to be a simple toggle to change this in each transaction. The current “Copy to Payment” solution is excruciating. It does not copy the date, nor the bank account from the original.
Every transaction that I changed involved the following:
click to open transaction
click to copy to New Payment
click to change date
click to change bank account “Received From”
click create
click breadcrumbs to take you back to the list
click the Edit of original erroneous transaction
click Delete
Click “are you sure”

x 40 !! Is there a better way

Yes, don’t make mistakes. :wink:

You could use Batch Update in Receipts, Copy to clipboard; then Batch Create in Payments, paste into the entry field, Next, Batch Create. This creates new entries in Payments and automatically deletes them in Receipts.