Clone Versus Copy To Function

I am very pleased to see that the latest version now includes the ability to effectively “clone” a sales quote but where the date is updated to today’s date.

I understand the concept of cloning (where the date is identical to the original quote) as opposed to copy to where the date changes to the current date - and is consistent with copy to sales invoice, sales order etc - where the date has always changed to today’s date.

From a logical point of view the differences between cloning and copy to are clear. However, I wonder if there is a possibility to include a form default setting to show/hide buttons on specific forms.

clone, copy to, print, pdf, new receipt, new payment etc.

In my user case for using Manager:

I never use the print button as I always create a pdf
I never use the new receipt or new payments on forms anymore as I now do bank imports
Now that the Copy To includes the ability to clone a sales invoice with today’s date, I no longer need the Clone button either.

The reason I am suggesting as a possibility is that the differences between cloning a quote and copying to a new sales quote could be confusing for many users who a: don’t read the newsletter and b: don’t access the forums. You might have a sales dept who is job is soley to chase up sales and marketing. I can see errors creeping up with regards to this.

I speak under correction, but either your business wants to clone the date or you want to clone the form but change the date. I doubt that there are any businesses that want to achieve both with say the sales quotes?

Hence my suggestion to be able to “show” specific buttons on form defaults so in my case I would simply hide the clone button as I have never to date wanted to clone the original date.


The difference between Clone and Copy to is so marginal, it doesn’t really matter if it’s not understood.

You should still review whatever you are creating. It’s not like Clone or Copy to immediately create something new. You still need to click Create button to actually create something.

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I suppose that is a point. The difference is quite marginal but not entirely. My biggest headache with the clone button was that I kept forgetting to update the date. So I always keep the lock date set after every quarter to prevent an accidental quote creation dating months ago. So I can see the value for some businesses to completely hide the clone button.

Form defaults are quite useful for customising the default settings for forms. I just wondered if it could be extended to allow business to hide/show buttons on forms.

I’m not completely happy about some screens having too many buttons however, giving users ability to hide some buttons such as Clone, that would just open completely new can worms.

In other related discussion I suggested:

@eko the reason why Clone button exists is because it’s universal to everything. You can clone reports, transactions, items… anything.

Some screens have Copy to... button in addition to Clone but I think for the sake of muscle memory I would not remove Clone button from any screen.

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Same for me. Was surprised on the decision to keep the original document date in the change a while back, for me, only thing that’s causes issues from time to time.
Look to use copy to now on when updated.

Completely agree.

Understand the rationale. Maybe not too problematic to change copy to to include both new receipt and new payment where the date is today’s date while in clone the date remains as in original, ie retains to be an exact copy, This would be [CORRECTION] should read consistent (not inconsistent) with how you changed copy to with Purchases and Sales (quotes, orders, invoices, etc) tabs.

I agree, it is a difficult one. My original suggestion some weeks/months back was to have a form default for the clone option to say keep original date or update to today’s date so each business could decide. But then it is inconsistent with cloning elsewhere in the program. But then again, when I clone a report I don’t want the original dates either!

I will be using the copy to from now on as this meets my user requirements. The clone button for the quotes/orders and invoices will remain unused.

I suppose the long term outcome will depend on how wide spread “Copy to…” Menu becomes. As the clone button is very similar to a “Copy to…” menu with as single entry.

I’m happy with any combination.

Would it be possible to add the clone option to the ‘Copy to’ menu?
It would remove one button from the screen and still offer all options.
It doesn’t affect me but does seem like a viable option.

No, because not all forms have the Copy To menu. The number of menu options is not really the problem in my opinion. The problem is there is very little difference between the Copy to Quote and Clone Quote option and while there is a logical difference based on the understanding of the rest of the program works, there is not an intuitive difference for users that are not so familiar with the program.

I personally think that having a clone and copy to for the same thing is not the best way forward. I would rather have a setting that businesses can use to set the default date option for cloning as that is really the only difference between the two.