Copy payslip to recurring payslip

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It would be nice to be able to copy a payslip into recurring payslip in the same manner as it is possible for invoices.

I put this into the ideas category.

We have been trying to synchronize Manager’s all feature!!

Recently, have tried to implement HR and Revenue Model as well for which creating reoccuring invoices/payslip would be ideal. However, it is notice that one need to add each item of invoice/payslip again and again for each new invoice/payslip.

Is it possible that a template is develop with all necessary items and invoice/payslip can be create OR something like clone feature in other tabs.

Recurring invoices and payslips cannot be cloned, because each new transaction created from a recurring invoice or payslip is a clone of the recurring transaction from which it is generated. Clones of clones becomes too complicated. Besides, the details of new recurring transactions will be different from the details of existing recurring transactions. So you would end up doing as much work as the following approach.

What you should do is generate a manual sales invoice or payslip for the actual customer or employee one time. Then, use the Copy to function to copy that transaction to a recurring transaction. The recurring transaction will be populated with the same information as the one you copied from. For example, if you hire Raj, you will create a payslip for him once, copy it to a recurring payslip, then just generate future payslips from the recurring payslip when they come due.

If many of your invoices or payslips are the same, you can use Form Defaults to set standard content for those initial, manual transactions—making them complete or including only some fields. See Set form defaults | Manager. Form defaults are like templates for individual transactions. But they are ignored for those generated by recurring transactions.

‘Copy to’ option even will reduce manual work; Thank you!

Hi, there is a clone option in payslip. I could not find ‘Copy to’ in Payslip, can you please recheck and update us.

You are right. I thought there was. My apology.

So you will have to create a recurring payslip for each employee one time. That actually is less work, because you can skip the copy step.

Don’t be, its fine. We appreciate your timely and prompt feedback in order to escalate the process quickly!!

Can we do it ‘Copy to’; it seems good option!

Added to the latest version (21.1.35)

Much appreciated @Tut & @lubos!!