Copy To Excel not working in Sales Invoice View Section

@lubos while copying sales invoice directly from software using Ctrl + C from Sales invoice Tab, and copying in to excel,
Pcs, Unit Price & Amount Column is not is in number format, that’s why addition multiplication or further analysis isn’t possible now.

please bring it back.

Firstly, please say what version of manager you are using including version number?

Secondly, there is no Pcs, Unit price and Amount column in the Sales Invoice Tab

Why don’t you use the Copy to clipboard button - this works perfectly for me (Desktop version 21.8.52)

I’m on cloud version

Also i’m talking about invoice itself.

My immediate response is that this view is a HTML page generated by Manager.
CTRL C is an operating system function and so how it deals with the HTML content is outside the scope of Manager

What exactly do you do to select the part of the page to be copied by CTRL C?
What Operating system are you using?

Windows ,
Also previously it was working.

If you examine the HTML code as displayed it has a &lrm character before the number.

This is a HTML left-to-right-marker to distinguish the display from using right to left. Presumably, without this invoices would not display properly in some languages

In older version (21.3.61 for example) there is no &lrm character

Lubos recently announced changes in how RTL text was displayed, so perhaps it is because of this
Wrong numbers direction in RTL languages - Manager Forum

@NewKrishna_Enterpris, you are complaining about something that was never a feature of the program. It may have been a side effect of your particular operating system. But the developer never intended that you should be able to copy numerical data from a display produced by a Liquid theme and rendered for screen display by your operating system.

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Use custom reports to get the data, use copy to clipboard and paste in spreadsheet.

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