Bug with "Copy to Clipboard"

When you press the " Copy to Clipboard" button on a Profit and Loss Statement Report, and paste on Excel, the last three lines of the report, never come to the sheet.

The problem is more severe than reported. All totals are missing, including:

  • Automatically inserted group totals
  • Manually inserted totals from the chart of accounts
  • Column totals

The problem also affects all reports except customer and supplier statements. This means that lines like Net Profit, Closing Balance, and column totals are now missing.

I have moved this topic to bugs.

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thank you

It is like that in 20.9.84 too, so been like it for a while.

Any correction till now?

When fixed, the topic will be removed from the bugs category.

Apart from the disappearance of group totals and other bugs listed above, ‘copy to clipboard’ now appears like ‘‘export’’- Before now, copy to clipboard used to come with the format as it appears on the Manager Software, with the heading and all the cells and columns distinctively separated with the sub group total and other totals bolden automatically. It’s not like that anymore…!

The export function has been deprecated. This happened in September and was discussed in the October newsletter. The relevant Guides were also modified. That is when this bug appeared.

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Fixed in the latest version (20.10.84)

@lubos, the Copy to clipboard function does not work at all on reports. Nothing is copied. I have moved this back to bugs.

I suspect this will be Mac-specific issue on desktop edition. Looking into it.

Working on Windows 10 Manager 20.10.84.

@lubos, any update to this? Ver 20.10.90: still “copy to clipboard” is not functioning

@pandhm are you testing in desktop edition on Mac?

@lubos i am using licensed manager server ver 20.10.90

@lubos, I am not sure what was changed, or at which version. But the Copy to clipboard function also no longer works on Batch Update. (When I first moved this topic back into bugs, it worked for Batch Update, but not for copying reports. Now it works for neither.)

OS is macOS v10.15.7. Manager version 20.10.90.

@pandhm which web-browser are you using? Can you try different web-browser to see if the issue persists?

@Tut the workaround is to open Manager in external web-browser where Copy to clipboard button should work. I’m waiting for third-party developer to improve something at their end which will fix this. I was told it will happen within a week or so. If they can’t do it, I will work on alternative solution.

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The function works for both Batch Update and on reports in an external browser. So that is a viable, though irritating, workaround.

Please advise how to open Manager Desktop in an external web browser?

@lubos Firefox 83.0 and Edge 87.0.664.60