Wrong numbers direction in RTL languages

Manager 21.1.32 desktop showing numbers in wrong direction in summary as images below

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There’s already a bug for displaying LTR numbers within RTL strings.

Not sure if they are related.

This is actually different issue. As a quick workaround, change your number format to something that is not using space as number group separator.


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The latest version (21.8.53) should support thousand separator being space in RTL languages so no need for workaround anymore.


If the presentation is not correct regarding RTL languages anywhere in the program, let me know.

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Mr. @lubos
Kindly, do something about the current format for RTL numbers. At the moment we only see the numbers in the correct format but we are supposed to see the full format like 1,000.00 SAR debit/credit (in Arabic) but we see it in Arabic as if it was written in English like SAR 1,000.00 Tiderc/Tibed. I’m sure you Know what is necessary to reverse Debit/credit arabic letters to appear in correct format, It should be “مدين/دائن” instead of ( نئاد / نيدم ), also make the number first then currency sample “SAR” or “ريال”.
Here is the current wrong format:
Wrong Format

and here is the correct format:
Correct Format

Hope you understand what I mean.
This is a small bug that was fixed before but has appeared again recently.

please read below post.

Good, I see the problem was more than what I have now.
@lubos solved the problem but not completely solution as I think.
there is some items should be fixed also.