Copy pdf directly

Hey ! I am using manager a year ago and it’s doing a great job, but I have a little problem.
sometimes I need to send pdf files (statement or invoice ) to a client using whatsap or other application
is there any possibility where we can directly copy the pdf file then paste it to that application?

or is there any possibilities that Manager will be adding Watsap as other way to contact the customers?

Creating a PDF leaves you with a file wherever you designate. You can do whatever you want with it. Read

It sounds like your software might be out of date. Update and give it a try.

Yes. This is very true.
But I’m wondering if we can just copy the pdf without creating on my computer .Because using Manager , you need to create the pdf file on the computer and name it of course. Than you need to copy the pdf file that you have created and paste it to the designated place.
all I am asking is if there is any possibilities that we can directly copy the pdf tp the designated place without creating it on the computer? because creating it on the computer will take time
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

No, you do not. When you create the PDF, you can save it directly to anywhere you want, as long as that place is accessible by your computer.

The same answer: yes. But in such a case, you are not copying the PDF file to the designated place, you are creating it there to begin with. Understand that you cannot copy a file to anywhere unless that place is accessible by your computer. If it is, you can skip the copying step and just create it there.