Creating PDF Document

This might be a vast job, but it would be good to be able to save an Invoice, purchase order etc as a PDF file on disk. Could this be possible? At the moment I mail it to myself and then extract it from my E-Mail!


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If you are using Windows, you can install PDFCreator or some other virtual PDF printer. This way you can click “Print” button instead of email button and “print to PDF”

I think Mac & Ubuntu have “Print to PDF” feature built-in so that’s why I’m assuming you are on Windows.

As of Ubuntu, there is not pdf printing, out of the box. There is a package called “cups-pdf” that does the job. My opinion is that the general public would never search for such a package. So you will have to inform them in a way how to install it, OR you can have a nice button next of the “E-mail” button that would be “PDF”, that opens a nice file manager that asks you for a name and location of the file you want to export. It should be something very easy, considering that the pdf export is already done for use with email sending and that there is plenty of room in the GUi for such a button. So why not add a button?

It can be done, I haven’t thought of this because Mac users already have “Print to PDF” in-built. Windows users are known to usually have something installed that allows to print to PDF and although I’m not familiar with Ubuntu as much, I thought there might be a solution too.

It’s not that difficult to do it, you just install a package called “cups-pdf” from software center. I am saying that is not known to the majority of the people. Do a quick poll to people around you that are not computer-experts, and see for yourself. I bet thats the reason that libre office and open office have pdf export. Most users tent to have this ready from the application. Plus the pdf printing from cups-pdf, doesn’t have a file manager asking for name or location so every time you have to go to a folder and rename the file etc.

I’ve just installed PDFCreator and that works just fine thanks. However, I tend to agree with a_vlachos40 that it would be a ‘nice to have’ direct from the application, rather than the end user having to install another piece of software.

Anyway, I’m happy.


About printing to pdf in Ubuntu: This is in fact a default option. Just choose “print to file” and then select the pdf output format.

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May I know what kind of PDF creator you installed to enable your saving files? 'cause I don’t know what’s the matter with mine (NITRO PDF creator) that it won’t create… rather switches my manager on a none-responsive mode until I shut it down.

More also, it became worse that I can’t even email files anymore. Does anybody have a solution for this?

It’s just called PDF creator. It’s free and you download it from here: