Connecting Manager Server Client Pc

Please how do I connect my Manager Server to other PCs under the LAN network?

It doesn’t because the client PCs connect to the server by indicating the server’s IP address and port 8080 as you can see in the server’s startup screen.

Please correct me if I’m wrong,
You have server and you have many other PC’s in the same network, so:
1- Change your server IP from Daynamic IP to Static one which you can find the details in the following link: How to Set a Static IP Address
2- on the client PC open browser and in the url area write the server IP and add the port after it
3- Open the Manager server.exe file on server and keep it open all the time, then on client PC login normaly
4- If you have a static IP from your internet service provider then you can run it from any PC or mobile even if you are out of the LAN network by opening browser and writing your static IP followed by the port (:8080)
5- if you don’t know your static IP just open this to know and you will find Example: IPv4: ? [] so you will write it like this :
I hope this will help you, If you have any other scenarios please explain more.