Comparing Supplier Price

How if I want to compare the price between supplier ?

e.g. I’ve got so many suppliers for all of my inventories, is it possible to have a report where I can get the detail of all the purchases that been happened so far so I can see wether my purchasing get better or not.

Let,s say the report consist Item A bought from Supplier 1,2,3 and I can see the price from each supplier.
and for other inventories as well.

Thank You.

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This is a very good idea. I have the exact same issue. I also want to be able to compare prices from different suppliers for the same inventory item in order to achieve lower purchasing costs. I have looked through reports and there is nothing in inventory reports that covers this, but there is a custom reporting option. I could try and work this out, but I think adding a new report to the system by @lubos would be better because this report could achieve our above aim but could achieve the secondary aim of seeing cost price increases for items from different suppliers!

So Yes, I would second this report request as being highly useful!

I can generally already do this, click Inventory Item then click on the cost price of the inventory item you wish to analise then in the search bar type “Purchase Invoice” or just “Pur” click search then you have a list of all suppliers that you have purchased that item from including cost price.
The only thing you do have to do though is if you purchased more than one item you will need to divide to cost price by quantity to find the single unit price. You can export and then print too.

Hope this helps.

I want to compare for the whole SKU which around 600 items.

You would have to analise each item one at a time. Otherwise there would be to much to analise.

I can get all the analysis done with Excel just put all the inventory in column and supplier in Row, in the table will be the price.

Since there’s a possibility 1 supplier supply more than 1 item.

I’m pretty sure it will be possible to make a query in custom reports to do just this.

Remind me this topic next month when custom reports are going to be much more useful. I will try to come up with SQL query for this.

@lubos, I just remember this, have you got the sql code to generate this report ?

I haven’t done much work on custom reports lately. I’m trying to knock off other items from to-do list as fast as possible. Custom reports are coming but there are still a few features that have been waiting in the pipeline a bit longer than custom reports. See roadmap at