Linking Supplier with Inventory

Is it possible to link suppliers with inventory items?

What problem are you trying to solve?

Perhaps he wants to be able to look back on an invoice to see which supplier the specific part used for that job came from (in the event that the business buys the same part from multiple suppliers). Perhaps for warranty purposes.

I could see how this would be useful, but then the software has to somehow know which part you used. Manager’s inventory system uses First In First Out, and in order for something like this to work, you would have to ensure that you use your parts First In First Out as well. Either that, or you would have to specify at the time of invoice creation which supplier’s part you used. In which case, you could get around this by simply creating a separate inventory item for each supplier you get the part from.

May I suggest a simple solution? Code your Inventory items with 8 characters, preferably numerical characters. The first three characters can be assigned to a particular supplier. For example…

Supplier A: 100*****
Supplier B: 110***** and so on.
Star denotes the SKU here and it is serially numbered from 00001 to 99999.
This three digit codes can be assigned to Suppliers in the Supplier Master.
In this manner, you can export this inventory report to excel and then sort it Supplier wise, the way you want. This will also allow you to have 99999 items from any particular Supplier, which is quite enough for any small scale business, I presume.

Just sharing my thoughts…

I don’t know what the original poster wants, but I also want this feature as requested in topic New field for inventory items and purchase invoice items

I buy a lot of computer equipment, but not from the same suppliers. I want to be able to go to my inventory item or purchase invoice item and see where I bought that product from so I can re-order. I won’t remember which supplier I buy the Eaton UPS from as its not a product I buy very often. If I can have a drop down to select the supplier I buy it from this would be very useful.

So I add my request for this feature. But I am very keen for you to start work on the status of quotes as that is more urgent. Thanks

What @dalacor said is what I am looking for, actually. I am doing a procurement business but I do not hold any stock in my inventory. When a customer sends in an RFQ, I would source out, get quotations, and in turn, quote my customer. Once customer agrees, I would then place an order with the supplier(s), and arrange my own forwarders to do the pick up/delivery to customer’s site.
The problem I am facing right now is that when another customer request for the same items, I have to dig out from my filling, which supplier(s) I got the items from.
If there is a way to link suppliers with the items, and/or link the suppliers purchase invoice to the invoice I generated for my customer, it would save a lot of time.

@Rizal, so what you need is to be able to specify list of suppliers (not just one supplier) which are selling that particular inventory item. Then be able to generate RFQ for the particular inventory item per each supplier, correct?

@lubos, in a nutshell, that is correct :smile:

Actually its not a bad idea to potentially have multiple suppliers which are selling that inventory item. I was aiming for a drop down list where you could select one supplier that sells the part, usually the supplier that is the cheapest. I don’t know how difficult it would be to select multiple suppliers, so if you want a quick interim job, just adding a drop down menu of the suppliers would suit me nicely. :smile:

Will this functionality be added soon? I am not sure what is on the task list of things to do?
This would also need to be added to purchase invoice items as well as inventory.

Would it be possible at a minimum to have a drop down for an existing supplier for purchase invoice items and inventory items so we can keep track of where we buy any given product from. I know that you want to have mutliple suppliers linked to a product but if its quick and easy to add a dropdown and select one supplier that will help tremendously as my inventory is growing and so are my list of suppliers.