Supplier / Product Split


We can analyse Sale Split (Customer/Product Split) by clicking on “Inventory Sales”.
Is it possible to analyse Purchases of products Supplier wise (Supplier/Product Split) ??


I cannot answer your question, but thank you for pointing out that you can view sales by customer/product split by clicking on inventory sales. I did not know that! :smile: That will be very useful to me! Cheers


The problem with such a report is that typical business might have many customers and many inventory items so if you try to show it as a report, it will give you huge number of rows and columns which would be pretty much unreadable.

What purpose would such a report serve?

One alternative is to simply show list of suppliers and how many items have been purchased. When you click on the item number, it could give you break-down of items. That would scale a lot better.


I would imagine it is to determine how much stuff is bought from each supplier as I have had to consolidate my suppliers over the years as some of them I no longer use. I think your breakdown suggestion sounds workable. A number of purchases for each supplier and then you drill down into the specifics. That would immediately show how much you use each supplier.

Another report that you could incorporate into that is to click on an inventory item and have a list of suppliers that you bought this product from and quantity of purchases?


This split will help a lot. when i will analyse it in excel with product on group header. it will give me comparison of prices against suppliers and quantity bought (monthly or quarterly). In other case when supplier will be put in heading and products below. it will give me idea about how many product i m buying from which supplier , who is my key supplier and kind of forecast for products purchases (Monthly / Quarterly)
However @Lubos the alternative you have given is good one. Right now i need the same break down not more than that. (Product Split against Suppliers)