Columns missing in view screen with current(NEW) layout

In old legacy layout, everything was working fine, but with new layout, when rate is 0, unit price & total columns are missing in sales order view, &, total column is missing in sales invoice view.

I think this is a bug. And I think same is the case with other view screens as well & not just limited to sales invoice or SO.
@lubos can you please look into this & resolve this issue asap

I can reproduce this behavior. The issue also extends to missing auto-descriptions for invoices not using items. Despite there’s other threads discussing similar issues, none of them has been classified in bugs.

An invoice by definition needs to provide information on the description as well as the monetary value. If these values were not supplied by the user, Manager should provide substitute or default values or at least show the columns.

Fixed in the latest version (22.8.30)

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@lubos ‘Unit price’ column is still missing in sales order view…

It will be missing as you entered 0. Just enter a unit price above 0 and it will show.

But if sales invoice has ‘unit price’ column even with 0 value, same should be the case with sales order as well
View screen for all sales related modules (quote, order, invoice etc) should look similar & consistent across all view screen

Same should be the chase with purchase modules also

You are right, is not fixed and inconsistent between sales invoice and sales order views.

@romangarg can you demonstrate using screenshot showing both Edit and View screen?

@Lubos in case @romangarg is not able to provide because of time difference, I could replicate in a test business and show the following sequence of screenshot as requested.

  1. Sales order edit screen with 0 unit price

  2. Sales Order view screen with 0 unit price

  3. Sales order edit screen with 7 unit price

  4. Sales Order view screen with 7 unit price now showing more columns such as total

As mentioned by @romangarg the Sales Invoices work as expected and thus no screenshots needed.

@lubos Shouldn’t this topic still be in bugs category?

@romangarg check the latest version (22.9.1). This issue has been resolved already for sales orders too.

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Yes sales order now has the missing columns. Thank you so much. But what about the sales quote?

Have you intentionally not included ‘unit price’ column in sales quote if the value is 0 in unit price? Or did you forget to check for sales quote…?

@lubos i just noticed one more unusual thing with sales/purchase related transactions. When unit price is 0, its corresponding position in total column is empty/blank.
This is happening even if there are multiple items with some having unit price >0 & some having exactly 0 as unit price.