Changes to sales order - Unit price and amount columns are missing

Unit price and amount columns are missing from the sales order. I am using cloud version 22.6.23

Sales order was previously shown as this

and now it shows as follows:

@lubos please look into this

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Seems as if you use different themes. The first screenshot shows (Warehouse copy). Without showing the full edit screens of both it is impossible to help.

This is a standard theme. Same result.

This is the sales order in edit screen.

What edition - Cloud, Server or Desktop?

In your edit screen the unit price and quantity is 0 or empty, so why would you expect a different view screen then shown?

I am using cloud version 22.6.23

The Cloud version is now ahead of the Desktop/Server versions 22.6.20

It seems to be under review as other users have commented on changes of a similar nature in the last few days

Fair point. I input unit price and quantity to be 1 and 1 and it shows both columns. Previously, it used to show both columns with no input in price and quantity columns. For my purpose, I was okay with showing it as blank. This is a change in the new version.

Thanks for your help with this.

Yes a change to the better. In a way Manager is simplifying and trying to reduce user errors or results that do not make much sense. Personally I liked the more flexible approach but I guess with so many users that just want to get the job done, I understand the approach taken.

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@applet Let me understand this issue better. What is the reasoning behind showing columns that are not used?

Having discussed this further with my team, blank columns are no longer required. Thanks for looking into this.