Column spacing in Banks tab

Hi all,

This might be an issue to those who have smaller screens like mine is 15.6’’. I have inconvenient column spacing under Banks tab:

I use long bank account names, which are split into sometimes three columns, although there is a plenty of empty space to arrange to look nicely. Now visually most information is squeezed into left part, while in the middle plenty of empty unused space.
Would be great if that could be somehow compacted.

That is not a problem on my working 24’’ monitor, but it is quite annoying on 15’’ alike monitors.


The monetary columns are fixed width because they have to include potentially large monetary amounts and currency abbreviations. It would be a viewing disaster to wrap text in those columns. So the adjustment occurs in the Name column.

It also appears that you are using a custom field to designate currency and showing it as a column. That wastes space and is unnecessary, as the balances include the currency designation already. Getting rid of that will give you more screen space.

That’s true, but removing that column didn’t help. What could help, if there would be an option to turn off Pending deposits/drawings columns - not using this function anyway and dynamic column spanning.