Minor format suggestion

Fixed Assets tab has headings, most will word wrap however “Accumulated depreciation” doesn’t. That column only has an number so it leaves a lot of white space, particularly when descriptive Name, Control account, Description and custom fields are used.

In custom fields I can insert < br > in the name to force a line break. Is their something I can do to show the column title as

In a similar manner to how “Control account” and “Date in service” tiles show over 2 lines?

I’ve noticed this, too. A minimum column width to accommodate large numbers is understandable, but Accumulated depreciation exceeds anything reasonable. I suspect this column width was set to match that for Book value, which accommodates an entry like Disposed on 10/10/2018 without a break.

I’ve put this into Ideas.

I think the correct approach is to just make column names as short as possible. Especially where column is representing amounts.

If I’d make column names to break line after exceeding certain width, it would make the matters worse. For example, Bank Accounts tab would end up looking like this:


Or Receipts & Payments tab like this:


Looks out of place.

And for the sake of consistency, forcing every column with multiple words to break line would make things look good in some tabs and outright silly in others. For example in Sales Invoices tab.


And that’s just English. No idea what would do any of this to other languages.

So I think the only universal solution is to just keep column names as short as possible. In case of Fixed Assets tab, I think Accumulated depreciation column can be simply called Depreciation which is now reflected in the latest version.