Columns go very wide

Column information goes very wide so I have to keep scrolling to the right add on the information. Is there any way of moving the information so we don’t have to scroll to the right?

Can you show screenshot?

Here you go:
It’s the same with Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, etc.
Is there anyway of having the information without having to scroll to the right?

This occurs for two reasons:

  1. Minimum field widths necessary to display information. Some fields will wrap text, but things like quantities, prices, and so forth really can’t.

  2. Need to keep each entry on a single line. Imagine the confusion if quantity and price for an item were on different lines.

Depending on your screen size, resolution, and viewing preferences, you will have to scroll to see all of some screens. The same thing will be true in the vertical direction, depending on how many line items you have. There is simply a lot of information.

You can use the tab key to jump between fields without having to actually scroll.

Thanks Tut, using tab will help.
In Sales Invoice Items, if you have fields there and then you select them in a Quote, the Item is shown as a single line in Quotes, so can very long