Invoices and other forms too long for smaller screens

The data-entering forms for example Sales invoice form is too long, whereas when invoicing has to be pulled towards the left to enter every field on smaller screens like 600*800.

The following is a screenshot from a 1920*1080 screen

I look forward a bit of advice from the users or from the developers in regard to this

The issue of Manager function on small screens is widely discussed on the forum and despite lot of effort small screen use remains difficult.

However, you screenshot shown for 1920*1080 screen is misleading as it is much larger than you show

A more representative screenshot of a 1920*1080 invoice edit screen is as shown below which is for a test business and has even more columns shown:

Ya, the point I am forwarding is the same it’s too long.
It will be more easy and responsive if the developers can do something to shorten

That is not likely to happen, because new features are always being added.

Here’s a thought that might help. Could you take all the various check boxes below the line items and collapse them? If something needs to be changed in that section then you can open the collapsed list and choose as necessary. For those invoices that generally don’t need to have changes made each time you’d save a lot of space on the Invoice (or other forms with the same growing list of options).