Option to Toggle Column Visibility

I wonder if it would be possible to add a small amount of customisation in the form of allowing users to hide selected columns in tabular data?

I’m currently using Manager on a tablet with 1920x1080 resolution and 150% DPI scaling for legibility. Particularly with the Bank Accounts screen, the wide nature of the table causes very narrow columns with a lot of text wrapping which hinders readability for me. Since I don’t need the columns “Financial Institution”, “Account Number”, “Uncleared Deposits” or “Uncleared Payments”, I’d like to be able to toggle their visibility off so that the remainder of the table is clearer.

Beyond my specific case, this could be handy for all tabular data to improve focus on the data that matters to individual users. For clarity, I don’t mean to get rid of these columns, simply to have the option to toggle their visibility with any underlying data and functionality remaining as it currently is.

Alternatively and as a second option because I also don’t think this works well for useability, can horizontal scrolling be enabled for tables to prevent text wrapping from occurring?

Financial Institution and Account Number won’t show as a column if you make those fields empty on all your bank accounts.

As for uncleared deposits and uncleared payments, I will probably make it an option when editing a bank account so you can choose to disable it.

Thanks @lubos

I didn’t realise these columns would disappear if they were devoid of data. I’ve removed the financial intuition and account number details and it has indeed made the summary table more legible.

Something to consider perhaps for the future; whilst I don’t need to store account information and financial provider details within Manager, it would be nice to have this information kept here as a single point of reference for everything to do with banking and finance. Perhaps it could be put on to the roadmap to have this excluded from the summary table for those that don’t need it visible there but to keep the option to store it, perhaps showing the information at the top of the bank statement when clicking into the record.

Thanks for the help again though Lubos. Your suggestion works as a good solution for the time being.

I might remove those fields as being in-built. Then you will be able to create these fields as Custom fields and decide whether to show them as column or not.

So yeah, it’s part of where it’s heading anyway.

Sounds good.

I’ve just updated and see you’re rolling out the option to add custom fields as columns in selected summary tables; that would be a good solution I think.