Account column width

The account column triples in size just by having a non-item line below it. This always makes me zoom out to see the rest of the screen which makes things look really smaller and harder to read.

it normally looks like this:


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I totally agree with this. why is this happening? is this intentional or necessary? by default columns in edit screen should be as small as possible wrt value or fields inside it.

That is one point of view. Another is that available space should be proportionally divided. Whichever option the developer chooses will be liked by some and disliked by others.

Not saying anything against proportional column width, but there is no need for empty space after the longest string, value or account name etc in any column.
Column width can be tentatively equal to longest string or value or name in any particular column, which clearly is not the case in first post of this topic
There is unnecessary space after both “inventory sales” & “Discount” in account column

Could you do me a favour and only make a screenshot which does not list the inventory items but only the Discounts area because e lines are not equal in what they show (you can not select an account with the inventory item selection).

I agree that it seems a waste of space. It is also very inconvenient if it causes the need to scroll right. However, both screenshots are not showing the right screen border and thus the need to scroll or not
becomes difficult to gauge the origins of. It could be that the item line items add a lot of other stuff, but we can not see that.

An important question is whether you can demonstrate that the program’s current behavior actually causes additional vertical lines on the finished transaction. If it does not, what difference does it make if there is some blank space on the Edit screen?

It bothers me too. There is a reason for it but I want to simplify a few things internally which will eliminate this problem in the end.


This is actually the default design. The size gets reduced only when after entering an item.