Cloud edition url changed please check

dear @lubos

we observe that our cloud url changed a bit

it was
but now it showing
eu-west-1 has been added newly

but both the links are working

is it safe to use that new link?

Yes. Both links point to the same location.

eu-west-1 is data center in Ireland which means your data is hosted there but Manager Cloud runs in many regions and there is a closer one to you (otherwise you wouldn’t see eu-west-1).

In upcoming days, there is going to be ability to transfer your data between data centers so you can transfer to the data center which is closest to you. This will greatly improve your speed.

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thank you

The ability to transfer between regions is available now.

Have a look at

There is new “Speed Test” button. This will determine whether you are getting the best speed and if not, you will be able to transfer data to new region.

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@lubos Speed Test button is no more :slightly_frowning_face: :