Cloud Edition - Melbourne timezone

Hi, we have been on the Cloud edition for a few years. We only noticed recently that our domain has changed to The issue is that, our Recurring Invoices and Payslips doesn’t due until our late Monday afternoon. It seems like the server is based on another country timezone and it is not for Melbourne, Australia.

How can I get this fixed?


The URL indicates there is a closer data center. Go the the cloud customer service page: Run the speed test to see what would be closer.

ap-southeast-1 is Singapore. The better choice for you would be ap-southeast-2 which is Sydney.

But this won’t solve the timezone issue since both regions are using UTC time. I’m working on some changes which will make recurring transactions rely on local time from web-browser rather than using server time. This is because customers within region can be still from multiple timezones.

You should still run speed test and change your region from Singapore to Sydney as this would give you faster speed.

Thank you Tut and Lubos. With the Recurring functions, we would need that to be at the region the Company is defined so it would be nice if we can choose Timezone under Business Details. Cheers