Clone Sales Invoice into Purchase Invoice or Vice Versa

May I know, Is it possible to Clone Sales Invoice and make it as Purchase Invoice! Say I have purchased something & little modification are Required Like Changing of Amount and Cleint ?

Cloning creates another transaction of the same type. What you need to do is use the Copy to function: After copying, everything can be edited.

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Thank You @Tut I had noticed this feature but never went in details. You saved me :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I add two Custom fields as Columns for my invoices But when i clone it as Purchase invoice the data is custom flied is not available ?

Custom field content will carry over when identical fields exist for the destination form type. See the third note in the link I sent. Line-item custom fields, which must be what you are referring to when you mention creating additional columns, do not carry over.

@tut I followed all the steps mentioned in link & found that it does not work in Purchase Invoice - Line & Sales Invoice Line.

Example is shown in pic attached. Where I try to use PNR as custom field.

I already told you that: