Delivery Notes / Inventory location report

Hi, Is there any custom report to know the inventory items have been delivered to which dealer’s store by inventory location? Because the current inventory by location report is only show the stocks balance and I need this kind of report is for me to check the Sales staff on hand stocks due to the stocks level differences. What I do now is click the delivery note one by one and click edit to check the inventory location and quantities. I hope can get a easy way to solve my facing issue. Thanks

Unfortunately, the information on Goods Received Notes and Delivery Notes is not available for use with custom reports

The best you can do is to drill down on the Inventory Items tab, then on the Qty on Hand for each inventory item which will bring up a list of quantity by location. Click on each location and the movements will be shown - these could be copied to the clipboard.
pasting them in Excel would enable you to get a list of the movements for each item by location which you could then sort as you wish.

But very tedious if you have a lot of items and locations

Thanks for your prompt response.

Well noted with thanks.

@tcs, there is another way of extracting the information you might find easier:

  1. Create an Inventory Quantity Summary for the last day of the period you are interested in reviewing.
  2. Drill down for an item that shows movement at the inventory location of interest.
  3. Search the resulting transaction list for “Delivery Note.”
  4. If there were any delivery notes, sort those transactions by Date.
  5. Drag over the entries for the date range you want in your report; copy and paste those rows into a spreadsheet.

The advantage of this method is that you only need to copy information for inventory items and locations where there is movement. Step #1 is only done once. Step #2 is only repeated for items with movement. You can abandon the process after Step #3 any time you get to a result with no delivery notes. Then repeat from Step #2.

Conceptually, this is the same as what @Joe91 suggested. But you do not need to follow through so far on every inventory item.

@Tut . Thanks for your good advice ideas. I will try it.

Kindly advise if there is any posibilty to have delivery notes standard reports in future versions

  • Delivery notes summary (Parameters %Customer%Period)
  • Delivery notes by item (Parameters %Period)
    Thank you!
    Following previous solutions takes lot of time and effort especially if we are dealing with hundres or thousands of items weekly.

The developer is the one who put this topic into the ideas category. Presumably, that means he considers delivery note reports to be a viable concept. I have no more information than that.