Delivery notes-Not able to see Qty

Hi Team,

After i create Delivery notes,I am not able to see Qty when i again click on delivery notes.

Only i see it if i view a Delivery note.
But if i want to see QTY’s at first glimpse when i click Delivery notes,what should i do.


that is how the program is designed. this is already in the ideas category.

but i am not sure how this would help in any way if it is implemented. for example, if you deliver 25.5KG of Item1, 10.3Litres of Item2 and 7Numbers of Item3 on a single delivery note, the total would show 42.8. i wonder how that would be useful since you cannot identify the item nor the UOM.

It would then show totals of each UOM. And delivery report by client, item will also help.

Please also see this: Client wise delivery report - #3 by raJ

UOM of each what? all the line items? then i guess all the line items need to be listed as well because there is no use knowing part information. and if you have say 20 line items on a delivery note, a single transaction listing would take the whole screen space to display the same.