Chart of Accounts

Sorry, I’m not sure if this topic been discussed earlier or not.

Is it possible to upload chart of account instead of adding line by line?


It has been discussed and it is not possible to upload a chart of accounts. However, if you search deeper you could note that if you have established a chart of accounts for a business in Manager then you could use that as a “template” for new businesses. This is done by:

  1. Create a new business,
  2. Enable functions in “Customize” (below tabs in left column). This is also one reason why you can not just upload a chart of accounts because depending on what you enable/disable the chart will change accordingly,
  3. Create the chart of accounts in settings, create control accounts and special accounts where needed.
  4. Create a backup without emails, history, etc, enabled
  5. That backup is the template and can be imported and renamed to the new business.
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thank you, it’s totally clear