Chart of accounts duplication for new business

I have established a chart of accounts for a current business. Is it possible to duplicate that chart of account for a new business? I seem to get the default chart of accounts when I create the new business.

Sorry, this is not currently possible. You will need to re-create chart of accounts in new business from scratch for now.

Yes I tried something that worked. follow this

*make a back up of the current company
*change the name of the current company
*go to company creation stage and upload the company you made a back up earlier. The name of the current company has been changed so no conflict will occur.
*now edit the names to whatever you want.
*if you have made transactions in the original or current company, you will have to delete them

That’s also a solution as long as the business doesn’t contain too many transactions already.

It’s also a good idea when you first create a Chart of Accounts that you really like, before you record any transactions, consider backing it up and changing the business name of the backup to say: “EXAMPLE CHART OF ACCOUNTS”. This way you can use it for future businesses.


Thank you for taking the time to respond, it’s been very useful and much appreciated. I will create a chart of accounts template that I can use when creating a new business.

Abeiku, how do you do the back up please? I click on the back up button but when it comes to opening up, it just does another back up again, just wondering how you do this please? I am not a desk top version but internet version- thanks Jan

I have never used the internet version before but with the Desktop

Go to where you see all the your Business.

Click on Add Business

Click on Import Backup

Now browse to the location and select the BackUp. The backup will be loaded.
I am sure this maybe same for Online users. @lubos?

This is covered in the Guides at Manager Cloud.