Importing and Exporting the chart of Accounts

Hello, one of the issues i face with the software typing the charts of accounts. Please what can be the possibility to import a chart of accounts maybe from Excel, text or other file types. Or better still if it is possible the export the chart of accounts for a different business and import it to another

This isn’t possible at the moment, however, there’s already an idea in this regard.

I’m closing this topic since it’s already in ideas. Please continue the discussion there.

From Importing and Exporting the chart of Accounts

There are a few ways I’m aware of

  1. Batch create. This is an idea but is likely to to too complex to use in practice because of the complexity of the COA data structure. As a result it is likely too hard for most users to write the file to import. Which is probably why it has not been implemented.

  2. Just create your idea COA in a test business. Save it as backup. Import the backup as a “template” in all the other business which need the COA structure. Not this only works when creating new businesses.

  3. Use Managers “Localisation” facility. As well as creating localisation reports it can include most things enter in Managers “Settings” including COA entries. To use it create a test business as a “Template”. Save it as a “Localisation”. In the business you want to add the COA localisation set the country to blank, import and apply your localisation.

  4. There maybe also a way via Mangers API

In summary, at least part of what you want can be done but it is not as simple as you would like. If you just have a couple of business then doing each manually will be faster.