New Chart of Accounts

Is there a way by which a Current Business Chart of Accounts, can be Copied or Imported into a New Similar Business, without the need to start from scratch, in setting up a completely new Chart of Accounts

Search the forum. This has been discussed several times.

Its probably simpler to create/set up a completely new chart of accounts. The alternative is to backup the current business then create the new one by Add Business - Import Backup but then you have to delete all the current business transactions from the new business to achieve a bare chart of accounts.

How does one clear/delete all transactions in a single operation? I notice such an important functionality was requested more than 2 years ago, and there seem to be no progress programming-wise.

You cannot do this in a single operation. You need to do it one tab at a time. See Use the Batch Delete function | Manager,

The “delete batch” function is not available in transaction document tabs like invoices, credit notes etc, thus has limitation in achieving a bare chart of accounts. Pastel Accounting has an option to “clear all transactions” after importing an existing company. I have not lost hope on this functionality!!

Yes, it is, in the bottom right corner of the tab list window, just as shown in the Guide you were linked to previously.